Here's a blog post from one of our Creative Crafters, Essy Tan.  A hoarder of all cute and pretty things. She will share with us how she stores her stickers using her DIY PaperDori Sticker Album. I am eyeing to make one for me to keep my stickers organized. ♥ If you try this out, please tag us on IG @empressrome and and/or use hashtag #PLEmpire




Paperdori Sticker Album

Stickers Stickers everywhere… aside from washis and stamps, I’m a big hoarder of stickers. I have tons of them and still don’t know on how to organize them for easy access. I love to bring all of my emojis stickers from different fave shops but my Foxy Fix TN Planner can’t hold them all. And every time I plan to use them I have trouble in locating on which pockets did I put the stickers that I need.


This is my second DIY Paperdori that I made. Made my first Paperdori to test if TN is the planner for me, I used the Glam Fever Kit to make one. And now I decided to use the Sheer Serenity Kit to store my stickers. I told Rome how excited I am to use this kit for my stickers because of the theme colours and the pretty cover girl with lots of florals in it.




In making your Paperdori, you can customize everything on the size that you want, the thickness of the TN and the numbers of elastic bands that you desire. For this Paperdori, the size is in 4.4” length by 5.4” height. It is a passport size but a little bit wider since I’m planning to put a lot of elastic bands on it. The Spine is in 1.7” that have 5 holes to hold the elastic bands. You can put atleast 10 bands inside as long as you have enough elastic bands. Mine is only at 7 bands because my elastic band is not that long enough.


I used the cardstocks from the Add Ons to make this as a cover. I’m in love with the girl, she’s so pretty and vein. Super love the florals around her. Then laminate it with my clear sticker sheet, please take note that I did not use the laminator. You will have a hard time to bend them. On the other side I did the same thing. Therefore I’m using two cardstocks laminate them both with clear sticker sheet and glued them together. This is thick and sturdy enough as a cover.


iLove.Ice for EmpressRome.Com



I leave the left and right side as in, no pockets added yet. Since I’m planning to put the adhesive secretarial pockets from Foxy Fix or make my own pockets using some cardstocks from the kit. But decided to leave as is for a while, still admiring the beauty of the floral prints.


Inside I made 7 covers, yes 7! LOL I need that much or maybe need more for my stickers. These 7 cover have pockets inside both left and right. The pockets are all in different sizes, some are in short secretarial pockets and some are full length pockets. This depends on the set-up that you want.


I used the ephemeras that came along with the kit to décor some front covers. Some I did not décor them because of the prints, super love the vibrant colors and how Empressrome designed each cardstocks. I also used some of the ephemeras to décor the inside pockets as well. While for the tabs, I chose the small floral ephemeras. These are in perfect size to use as the tabs just make sure to align them properly before sticking them to your cover inserts.




Time for dressing your planner! My first two inserts are for notes, I have the grid and blank inserts to jot down and track the stickers that I have and planning to buy. While for the rest of the inserts, I put all my fave stickers from Empressrome, Create With Pen, and some sticker flakes. Since they are in loose leaf stickers, I bind them with my glue and let it dry for a few minutes. The outcome will be they are in flip book style sticker sheets. I can say now, this is much easier for me to use.


Let’s talk about the charms from Sheer Serenity Kit! Oh my! I love love the glass globe charms in color pale blue and baby pink! Therefore I decided to use them both but re-do a bit by adding charms and more beads.


iLove.Ice for EmpressRome.Com



I used the remaining ephemeras and some stickers to make a page marker, clips and washi holder. Then I added some vellums from Michaels and a TN Bow Charm from Chrisella.

 iLove.Ice for EmpressRome.Com

I’m done! Super happy with the outcome. I love how it turned out. Now I have my own Paperdori Sticker Album! You can also use this as your planner. Depending on what you want. Planning made so much easier and fun! I have a quick video on my Instagram account ( ) and a Planner Set-Up Flip Through on my YT Account ( ) in case that you want to see more of Paperdori Sticker Album. Thank you my dear lovies, see you on my next blog.









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