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Back in November 2016, I have posted and selected my first Creative Design Team and since I have seen the tremendous positive impact this had to my shop.  I then decided to get another batch and gave it a bit of a twist. (hurrah!)  
This year, I decided to get three brand amabssadors which I have decided to call as our "Creative Crafters" and since there were several applications that came in, I decided to choose four more ladies to join us bi- monthly to be our "Guest Creative Crafters" .. and girl, believe me!--  the selection has always been the hardest!


So, without further ado, let's meet our Creative and Guest Creative Crafters

First off is Essy Tan or more popular with her Instagram handle @ilove.ice and the shop owner of @ilove.mysky. I chose Essy not only for her style of crafting and planning but also because of her dedication with her craft. She is mother of three beautiful children but amidst all the responsibilities and sometimes chaotic duty of motherhood, she still manage to allot time to craft and do her passion.  She is truly an inspiration not only to me but to many others.




Essy's planner decoration style that is dainty with tons of floral with pop of colors; both bright and pastel tones! She has always been into cute accessories and always been into girly planner style.  But just recently, she decided to incorporate her love of vintage to her planner spread and crafts.  

*Photo grabbed from Essy's IG.







Next, is Belle Fenix, a.k.a @the_craftroom_project the exceptional graphic artist behind her BFF's shop @papillon.creative.  I chose Belle because her feed is on point! She posts nothing but stunning photo after photo after photo of spreads, crafts and planner set- ups.  Her innate talent and artistry truly shows in her every project! Creative crafter or not, I am always her biggest fan.

Her planner design reflects her zodiac sign, Gemini.  It shows her very keen appreciation with arts as she could always come up with; I must say, spectacular projects.  Indeed, a very versatile and highly artistic designer. 

*Photo grabbed from Belle's IG.


As the cliche goes, the "last but never the least", the creative crafter to complete the team is Liona Guzman of @LionaChinky.  I chose Chinky because looking back in my early months in creative planning in 2014, Chinky's page is part of my long "gawking list" (lol).  She enabled me to try rubber stamps (even the cheapest ones) because of her DIY rubber stamps and on how she functionally and decoratively uses them on her spreads.  

Per Chinky her design style is that she uses hybrid of different planning styles but with consistent focus on decorating with functionality thus she makes her planner pages pretty by using functional stickers, doilies with dash of colors mint, teal or aqua and anything gold. She actually uses several planners to keep herself organized and be on top of her schedule.

*Photo grabbed from Chinky's IG.




Moving on, I was supposed to pick six guest crafter but I realized to test the waters first thus cut it down to four.  I will just write down the Guest Crafters as I intend to (hopefully!!)  create a similar blog for them.  Anyhoo, here are the ladies I handpicked for this term, I may add two more in the future, who knows? only time would tell! lol




So there you have it, Our EmpressRome 2017- 2018 Creative Crafter! Who is your favorite Creative Crafter for this term? I can't really tell as all of them are really diverse in style! Go ahead and follow them all as, you can never tell when will we throw a random giveaway! ♥





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  • Donna Espiritu

    Amazing team! I’m following most of these ladies already and can’t wait to see inspiring projects from them using your stuff <3

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