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Hello! I am Rome, a cray-cray mom, moody wife and the creative crafter on Instagram and the stuttering voice (lol) behind Youtube! I'm a stay at home mom who decided to be her own boss in her own empire. x_x



I'm an avid DIY-er, turned creative plannerd after my first washi tape purchase for a supposedly DIY project which I failed to do as I kept the washis instead.   Then on, I started gawking planner page after page after page on Instagram and followed one after the other for inspiration.  I finally head dived in the creative planning community after my first Filofax purchase in October 2014 and the creativity (and hoarding) just begun!

 *my firsts (dim) photo shares on IG*My firsts


In March 2015, I decided to open my virtual shop on Instagram named, @empressrome.2 to share my passion in making custom dividers, paper clips, other planner goodies and even planners. 

Jumping to July 2015; I hurdled over my life challenges when I (with hubby and B) transferred to our new home without internet connection (#QueHorror) and no house help.  I was left home with the baby and all the responsibilities that came along with it which temporarily pushed me out of the community I love.  Two months later, in God's grace, things are slowly falling into place.  I finally adjusted to my situation and had the internet installed (after weeks of weeks of waiting) thus was able to re-open my shop.  I stopped selling planners and re-branded my shop as @planner.lookbook and focused on my handcrafted products.

*here's a very few of them*

Dividers and planners



Side story:

Photo from PlannerCon (Coffeemate)
 From day one, I solely run the shop, from marketing to shipping thus when I'm in doubt, I run to my planner friend, Essy who gives me a nudge when I feel lazy, comforts me when in distress (may it be personal or hobby related) and entices my creative part of the brain when I run out of ideas! Thanks Bebeloves, you are so dear to me! ♥ 


Fast forward to July 2016 (a year later), in spite of the outpouring number of orders of planner goodies; I decided to stop accepting custom orders to focus on creating our planner kit; the Planner Lookbook Essentials, PLE. Due to handful of tasks (both on personal and shop), I decided to release the kits bi-monthly instead of the initially planned monthly release.

PLE 1- 4 Screenshots


In early 2017 with overwhelming love and support from the creative planning community; I have sought extra hands to help me with the shop; that's when my hubby Paolo, cousin Cassie  and our PR Team came into the picture hence the birth of

Team EmpressRome

Up to date, we still continually strive to improve our service and our brand.
I may still be doing majority of the shop tasks but I am glad to live the saying
"Choose a job you love and you'll never have to work in your life. -Confucius".
with a bonus of enjoying our Baby Brielle as she grows up. ♥ 


Love & Fireworks,

Rome DC


  • Felice Gabis

    Congratulations Rome! Your story is inspiring❤ you deserve it! xx

  • Kathleen Carpinelli

    Congratulations on your site. Your story is heartfelt and I hope all you strive for in life happens peacefully for you Rome. Much love. Blessings. Kathi. Xo?

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